Companies Pandemic Policies for Parents


Given the recent school and childcare limitations, companies are needing to adapt and accommodate in order to support parents in the offices. Managers need to adjust expectations for their teams and flexible hours are needed to be in place. Parents across the country are facing pressure and making tough choices balances the lack of balance between work and life. If your company hasn’t explicitly shared their policies or they don’t seem in line feel free to set up a meeting with your HR or leadership contacts to discuss what would be helpful for you and examples of what other companies of various sizes across the US are providing.

List of Policies Companies are Providing Employees Due to School Closures

- Back-up Childcare Resources Access to Help Parents Quickly find vetted childcare options:

- Helpr

- Bright Horizons


Also ability to pay family members $100 a day to watch your child

- Subsidies to cover costs of incremental childcare needs (tutors, teachers etc)

- For employees that must go on site (lab techs, hardware tool users, plant employees) can be reimbursed up to $2500 to cover care for elders and or children

- Flexible hours as long as expectations are set with managers ahead of time

- Manager training required

-List of questions to ask your employees:

-how they are doing/ feeling

- what is their childcare/elder care situations

- ask what support and flexibility the employees need and work together to set reasonable expectations together

- Emergency Paid time

o In unique situations when you cannot work due to child/elder care due to school, care, camp closures or an ill childcare provider, you can take Emergency Paid time off (a new time-off code introduced during the COVID-19 pandemic). - - Some employees use this for a set amount of time every day as long as aligned upon with manager so they can take care of their kids as needed

- 80 hours of additional leave to help with Covid related care.

- Employees to take a 2-3 month summer break / leave of absence 25% paid.

- Quiet/ Meeting Free Days every Month

- Video free days (Fridays)

- Office events for families weekly to help entertain children (story times, science classes, math, programing, cooking classes, lego builds and more)

List is compiled from various company resources across the USA. These include Fortune 500 companies, Government Entities, Tech Companies and small businesses