What to do if I don’t want to send my kid back into the classroom?

Remote (virtual) Learning – Leveraging the school district’s curriculum and following it at home with your child

How do you sign up for this? You enroll through your You then stay in distance learning mode, opting your child out of face to face instruction even if it is offered.

Staying enrolled in your local school does not mean you have to opt out of small groups of parenting support. Get connected with other parents and organize the support you need, while keeping your student's dollars invested in public schools. If this is not an option that works for your family, you might consider homeschooling.

Homeschooling- Creating your own curriculum and teaching it

homeschooling allows parents to keep kids at home vs going to school if distance learning isn’t offered or isn’t working for you. Parents pick the curriculum and teach and/or you do online programs which are better for upper grades. Pro is you are making decisions with no oversight from state - no standardized tests, rules and so forth. You file a PSA form in October. There are even groups you can join for a couple hundred bucks who help with the paperwork and provide some support. It’s going to be a fair amount of work for parents if you haven’t homeschooled before. Con is you have to pay for everything unless you get in a charter (not likely for this year). Another con is you might lose your spot in your current public school, depending on where you are and if your town has you go to the closest school or if you are in a lottery system. With either option, the parents are going to have to do some teaching and oversight which varies based on what distance learning is like for you school and your kids age. Some families are creating pods and co-teaching or hiring teachers. Others are going it alone.

Resource: home school network

You can do these by yourself (ie just your family). Or you can create or join a pandemic pod of parents.

What is a Pandemic Pod?

Pandemic pods are a group of families (usually 3-5) that have all decided to follow similar standards of covid safety and schedules. They will hold classes at one designated families household and bring in a teacher or caregiver to monitor the education standards of their kids throughout the day

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