Permits, Contracts and Insurance Around Pandemic Pods

When do you not need a permit

As long as the care takes place in the home of one of the children within a pod, and no one who lives in the home is providing supervision or care, then a CCLD license is not required.

When Do you need a license?

If you the care provider is the host house, does not have any children within the pod and is getting paid directly from multiple families at a profit. At that point they will be considered "Family Child Care Home" and requires a license from CCLD.

When do you need Insurance?

If you are the host you likely need to contact your insurance to let them know how many children will be in your pandemic pod. It shouldn’t increase your rates or change anything it’s just to ensure you are covered in case there is a liability. You also can ask parents to sign a liability release as well.

What does a contract with the families and teachers look like?

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