Pandemic Parenting Emotional Guilt

Do you find yourself snapping at your kids more often? Are you constantly needing to make the choice between work and your kid? Are you exhausted by constantly making safety decisions for this disease no one really knows much about? Are you feeling crushed by the news and then need to explain it to your kids in a way that makes sense? Do you feel sad that your kids are missing out on socialization and stuck inside. Were you hanging by a string pre-covid emotionally trying to juggle everything and now you feel like you hit a wall?

I am here to tell you that you aren’t alone. Everyone is feeling the same way (minus those rich people that rented a RV and travel around because they can afford to).

If you break down what being a parent is, it is that it is your job is to keep this kid alive and safe. You teach them right from wrong. You enable their education and socialization to become future successful humans in society.

But this year how are you supposed to do this parent job? Not to mention the pressures and challenges to keep (if you still have) a paid job.

With covid being this unclear disease it’s so hard to keep them safe based off of choices you need to make. We have racial shootings and our president that are making it it hard to demonstrate right from wrong. We try to give our kids a good education but now it’s virtual and limited. We want to socialize our kids but can’t go into friends homes or playgrounds refer back to keeping them safe. As i try to stay afloat and constantly worry about keeping my day job to pay bills that are above. It’s exhausting the weight of these pressures while also being prepared for natural disasters happening all around.


· Be honest with yourself, it’s ok if your not OK…. your not alone no one is ok. Accept it

· Share and express how you are feeling. Talk to family and friends. Even if it cannot be in person, connect by phone or a virtual visit on a smartphone or iPad.

· Take a break from the news and social media. Allocate time away from the constant barrage of negative information or seeing others that feem better off than you. Try journaling, meditation, deep breathing exercises, or reading a book to relax.

· Remember your priorities:

o YOURSELF (just like the airplane says, you gotta take care of yourself first so you can even live to help others)

o Your Family

o Work – YES YOU NEED MONEY…. but you will regret choosing it over your family every time, life it too short.

· Ask for help when and where you need it.

o In your head/ body- take the time to make sure you are going to therapy if you need it, going for walks/ exercise somehow if that’s your stress relief. While COVID sucks your more important than any disease

o @home as partner, family members, friends or invest in childcare if you need some time to yourself. While I hate that I don’t take my son swimming on the weekends anymore, I now send my partner and have 1 hour of me time. It makes me more patient the rest of the weekend

o @work ask for a transition in your role to something that allows you to have more flexibility ( for example: I work east coast hours and live on the west coast that gives me less meetings in the afternoon when school is over)

Just do the best you can.. I know that isn’t a solution but it’s all you can do.