Parent Pod Finder Details/ Questions to Ask the other parents


Where to find kids for your pod?

1. Start with kids in your school in order to follow a similar curriculum

- Check your class and/or schools roster

- Or look at roster from your kids activities (try to keep same school district if possible if following virtual learning)

2. Reach out to sites like:


- Nextdoor

- FB groups:

o Covid Tutor Match Up

o Pandemic Pods - Oakland/Berkeley

Questions to Ask Yourself Before You Start Finding Families :

Are you looking to host?

Yes or No

If yes, do you have the following?

- Space for kids to do work?

- How many kids and teacher/caregiver can comfortably work?

- Is there an outdoor area for kids to take breaks?

- If you want any type of music, art, etc are there tools or will you need?

- How do you feel about the parents or kids entering your home? (bathroom and kitchen)

What type of education are you looking for:

- Virtual learning program from your local school

- External educational platform or adding content

o Resources:

§ Outschool

How many kids are you looking for to have in your pod (including your child):

- 3

- 4

- 5

What type of teacher or caregiver do you want?

- Experienced and currently practicing

- Tutor/ previously teacher

- Smart caregiver who can turn on virtual classes, ensure kids are doing their work and answer basic questions

- Smart caregiver who can do the above and will also do/ plan activities with them (hike, soccer, paint read etc) assuming parents provide the resources (books, balls, paint etc)

Parents, you know your kids best. What would be best for your child's needs. For example, my son is a ball buster and he needs someone structured and firm or else he will walk all over them J

- Love and kindness

- Structure and firm

- Active and “cool”

- Most experienced teacher with multiple masters/degrees in their field

Know your comfort with covid parameters and boundaries: my example below

- No families will be traveling on airplanes during pandemic pods

o If emergency and need to be on plane, you will quarantine 14 days and/or get tested with negative covid results

- When kids enter house they will immediately wash their hands for 20 seconds or sanitize their hands

- Kids and teachers will properly wear masks all day inside.

- Everyone will be 6 ft apart when outside and then can remove masks

- Both parents work from home and do not go into office

- If anyone in household has been exposed you will inform the pandemic pod immediately

- You will need eat inside restaurants only take out delivery

- You have your groceries delivered and limit exposures to crowded places

If everyone follow’s these rules together we can all be safe and thrive!

Questions to Ask The Parents You Are Considering on Inviting to be in a Pod

(if you don’t want to or have space host)

- Would you like to host? What would be your set up?

- Who would be in the house while the kids are learning?

Where do they live and with whom?

- Are they living with aging parents? or multi-generational home?

- Are they in an apartment building with multiple doors/ touch points?

- Are both parents WFH or are they traveling into an office?

What school (if not from roster) or class were their kids previously or planned to be enrolled in?

Child’s birthday (especially for TK/ Kindergarteners)

How many kids were they thinking of being in a pod?

What type of education are you looking for: curriculums? Activities?

Based off this chart what is your quarantine comfort:

Share the names of other families you have secured or planning on reaching out to. See how other families feels/ thoughts

Share the teacher or caregiver information you are considering securing or looking into to see if it meets their interests

I am considering these standards, will your kid be able to follow?

- Kids and teacher/caregiver will wear masks while in class

- Kids will not wear masks, only teachers

- Kids and teachers will not need to wear masks since we are a pod

What hours of school are you looking for?

- 5 days a week: 8-5:30pm (working parents dream)

- 5 days a week: 9-3pm (just like school)

- Custom:

What are you looking to pay for your child per hour? Please keep in mind teachers/caregivers are historically underfunded/ paid.

- $16- 17 (likely going to be caregiver salary)

- $17 - $20

- $21- $23

- $25+ (after having kids at home, you can’t pay someone enough to do this job J )

Would you be open to accepting and chipping in $2 an hour to invite a low income child into our pod?

What are your child’s interests/ passions

- Art

- Music

- Hiking

- Sports

- Technology (video games count J)

- Custom: