About Me: 

My name is Brooke Shapiro and I am the Pandemic Working Parent. I love being a mom to my little boy Jace and about to pop with a girl soon (should I name her Corona? just kidding). I launched a parent resource group within my company during a pandemic and quickly learned the struggles around balancing being a parent, employee, teacher, therapist, coach and everything in between. Parents  were stretched thin before the pandemic and now are just trying to stay afloat. Parents are begging their employers for support since schools and gorverments haven't figured out how to help. Also, there is so much information out there, that I am trying to pull in and break down for parents so we can learn and thrive together. 

I never understood the saying it takes a village until becoming a parent. My hope is through uniting parents and  figuring out how to juggle parenting and work together through this pandemic we can come to some sense of peace. 

Reach out with any questions: PandemicWorkingParent@gmail.com